Your Questions About Pressure Cleaning Answered

Pressure roof wash, which is also known as no pressure roof cleaning, is a process that employs the use of water under low pressure and some specified detergents to clean various surfaces but especially house roofs. There are several times when a pressure cleaner will be used for washing things like exterior walls and concrete walkways and patio floors but when it comes to roof cleaning, low pressure is basically enough to secure a clean roof once more without damaging it by washing away the protective granules.

pressure cleaning

The process that is known as pressure cleaning involves the use a steady spray of water that is directed and applied at a particular rate of pressure that is slightly higher than what can be obtained when using a typical garden hose. There are specialized pumps that make this possible; they have to be set by a technician in order to acquire the required level that will safely and effectively accomplish the cleaning task at hand. Whenever there is job that needs to have grime and dirt to be washed away, all that is normally required is a low setting on the pressure washer to accomplish the task; the amount pressure will depend on the depth of the dirt in addition to the structural integrity of the surface being cleaned so as to avoid damaging the surface.

Contrary to popular belief, pressure cleaning doesn’t have to necessarily include the use of a heating element. Many roof cleaning jobs can easily be accomplished using cold water pressure cleaning; when combined with the right kind of detergent, this is normally sufficient to clean the dirtiest roof and restore it to its former state once again. However, there are a few situations where the hot water pressure cleaning may be required; this is the reason why you should always leave all your roof cleaning tasks to a professional contractor who will know what is the best time to apply hot water pressure cleaning on your roof.

There are also differences on the cleaning detergents that are used in pressure cleaning exercises; different detergents are formulated to remove different types of dirt or organisms such as algae, moss, lichens etc. from your roof. There are others that will only remove basic dirt and grime from your roof and nothing more. Pressure cleaning for your roof is something that is done only once in a while and, as such, it may not be very cost effective for you to choose to buy all the equipment and detergents; you are better off engaging a professional who will handle the task for you with a guarantee that you will see instant results. Professional pressure roof cleaning experts know the amount of pressure to use in order to avoid damaging your roof.