Get Extended Store Content and Increased Traffic with Magento 2 Blog Extension

Well, if you’re looking for something that can help you manage your e-commerce blog without installing additionally for your blog, then the Magento 2 Blog Extension is just the perfect option for you. You simply do not require any plugin for WordPress and Magento integration. All you need is the blog extension and you’re all set to work. The Magento 2 enhances your promotional efforts with additional content marketing solution. It renders flexible layout and responsive design for your site pages.

The extension is fully SEO friendly, thus including meta info becomes more like a soothing trip. Some of the exciting features of Magento 2 Blog extension are mentioned below:

  • Use of SEO friendly blog and web pages.
  • Manages comment and allows visitors to share blogs and content.
  • Modifies blog post display
  • Use enhanced content management tools.
  • Personalized responsive layout and blog design

With the help of this extension, now you can use blog pages to interact with the target audience and prospective clients. You can inform them about your services, products, promotions and offers, and keep them interested in your blogs. It provides the perfect user experience and adds to your productivity.

Some of the useful services rendered by Magento 2 Blog Extension are mentioned below:

  • Configurable layout- With the help of this extension, you get interactive and intuitive interface to design a blog of your own. It allows you to organize content blocks on the main and sub-pages. All you need to do is add, delete, edit and drag and drop blocks for customized pages which perfectly matches your store design.
  • Responsive design- In order to ensure that your blog looks perfect on every design it is viewed on, the extension corrects content layout and enhance the user experience on every device and in any situation. Thus, ensuring that you read and interact with the content in the right manner.
  • Execute 3D tags cloud- Give your blog visitors the ease to find the right topic quickly. Include a 3D tag cloud on your blog pages to enhance visibility and navigation. You can also edit color and size of the text and choose a different color scheme for your tags.

AT professional level, the Magento 2 Blog Module provides some amazing amenities to its users. Your blog becomes easy not just for the writer but also for the readers.

  • It serves as an all in one WYSISYG editor
  • It grants access to several authors
  • It allows scheduled blog posting for the blogger.
  • It supports high security and prevents your site from hacker attacks.
  • It allows comment management and enables automatic comment approval.
  • It also supports guest comments so that everyone can join the discussion.
  • It has an easy and simple configuration procedure

So, if you are looking forward to experience the best blogging practices, then the Magento 2 Blog Extension is just the right option for you. Install it and avail its amazing services for your content and get engaged audience for your blogs. You will love the experience.