Scientifically Proven Explanations Pilates Is A Complete Ticket To Peace Of Mind

Pilates is more than mere workout. Anyone doing it for few months knows that Pilates will not just tone your body, but also clear your mind and give you inner peace and energy. Today people are looking for a way that could help them cope with depression and stress of the modern world. When looking for inner balance, people opt for meditation, yoga, affirmations, but why don’t we consider Pilates as a viable option to be stress-free.

Pilates or physical therapy is a perfect coordination of mind, body and spirit. Take a look at some scientifically proven explanations:

  1. It enhances your memory and makes you more intelligent

In the beginning of 20’s, people start losing 1%of their hippocampus, a part of brain liable for cognitive functions and memory. Previously it was believed that humans are born with a limited number of cells, but now as you know that brain has the ability to create new cells and you can reverse brain shrinking. Thus, with exercise and Pilates, you can create new brain cells and secure the present ones.

  1. It trains your brain

Learning new things is a technology of brain. When you learn new things it enhances brain’s white matter density. Thus, an exercise program benefits your body and brain. When you’re learning new modification or movement in Pilates, you challenge your brain and body at the same time.

  1. It controls mind and emotions

You may have heard a number of mindful benefits that Pilates renders. Take a look at some:

  • It relieves depression and anxiety.
  • It helps in the treatment of insomnia
  • It sharpens your mind.
  • It unfolds innovative thinking.
  • It relieves stress.
  • It cures chronic pain
  • It lowers down negative emotions.
  • It helps you to fight addiction and inculcates positivity in you.
  • It lowers down blood pressure and enhances cardiovascular movements.
  1. It relieves stress tension in human body

You may have heard about fight or flight response to distress conditions. Body releases stress hormones during chaotic conditions to help the body to flee or fight. Physical therapy helps you metabolize the building of stress hormones and rather than keeping it in, it makes its way. Pilates relieves body from building tension via gentle stretch. When stress leaves your body, it leaves your mind too.

You can easily go for physical therapy at a Pilates Studio. Just book an appointment and enjoy a stress relieving session.