Common Application of Pressure Transducers

The sky is the limit when you think of ways in which you can use pressure transducers. Just for an idea, you can buy a barometric pressure transducer to gauge atmospheric pressure or use a pressure transducer to gauge the line pressure. The compound pressure transducers can help you gauge positive and negative pressure and you have many more special pressure transducers.

Some of the applications of pressure transducers are given below:

  1. Calculating the water level in a tank

There are several ways to calculate water level in a tank:

  • With the help of a submersible pressure transducer using a cable that stays near the bottom to gauge the water pressure above it.
  • Choose a gauge pressure transducer in an open system by placing it at the bottom of the tank to measure the water weight to the tank top.
  • Choose a differential pressure gauge in a closed system to gage the pressure collected between the liquid and top of the tank.
  1. Detecting a gas leak

In order to identify a gas leak, a reference pressure is needed to measure the pressure going in the tank. If the pressure is low, the output rises, suggesting the presence of a leak.

  1. Find a water pipe leak

Several pressure transducers are connected to pipes above or below the ground to identify a pipe’s break or leak. The accurate location of the leakage is detected by a transducer whether the largest drop is noticed. A wireless pressure transducer can also remotely detect a leak.

  1. Measure pump pressure

There are several applications when you want to find out the pressure a pump produces. The size of the pump measures the size of the device needed. For small pumps, you need a micro pressure transducer. For larger pumps, regular pressure transducer is required and for very large pumps, water hammer can damage the pressure transducer. Hence, for very large pumps, you should move it downstream to permit the pump force to level itself out before reaching the transducer.

  1. Detect flow rates

Differential pressure transducers usually help in measuring flow rates. The procedure needs a major element like venture tube to create a drop in pressure by restricting the pipe. The drop in pressure is determined by differential pressure transducer.

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