Get To Know The 3 Common Sunroof Problems and The Best Auto Sunroof Repairs Service Provider in Houston, Texas

You don’t have to postpone your summer vacation because your car’s sunroof has ceased operating or has broken. Instead, seek local auto sunroof repair pros who can fix any crack, chip, or other problem with your sunroof at a reasonable price. Imperium Auto Glass houses auto glass specialists who have the expertise and are licensed to conduct auto sunroof repair services within Houston and beyond. So, what are some of the prevalent sunroof problems?

3 Common Sunroof Problems. 

  • Leaking sunroof.

The first issue is typically referred to as a leaking sunroof. A sunroof leak, whether leaking or gushing, can make a mess and damage the inside of your vehicle. You can manage the issue by cleaning drain tubes with air, cleaning drains with metal wire, or repairing the seal.

  • Mechanical errors.

A motorized sunroof may seem to advance and retract smoothly, but such simple actions require a significant amount of mechanical labor, with an electric motor programming wires and tracks to do the task. If any of these components fail, the sunroof may move slowly or cease to operate at all. This problem might develop because the gears in the sunroof motor have been eaten up or totally failed. Even though your motor is still operational, a damaged wire may prohibit it from utilizing its energy to move the sunroof back and forth. If your sunroof moves partially and then stops, the mechanical breakdown might as a result of a simple thing like dirt and debris impeding the tracks. This blockage may cause the motor to overheat, causing a circuit breaker to trip and shut off the power. You can easily resolve this problem by clearing out the sunroof tracks. A properly trained and experienced vehicle mechanic can easily repair a malfunctioning sunroof motor. If, on the other hand, a damaged cable has caused your sunroof to malfunction, the technician may have to dismantle and repair the whole sunroof system.

  • Electrical problems.

As previously stated, a sunroof is powered by a geared motor and wires. The motor, in turn, is powered by the vehicle’s electrical system. Your sunroof requires a steady supply of power for it to be functional. In case of an electrical issue, a voltmeter may be used by your auto sunroof repair professional to test these components.

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