Savage Cat: Unleash Your Furry Friend’s Happiness

About Savage Cat Food Inc. 

Audrey and Mat Brady own and operate Savage Cat Food, a small firm based in California. Audrey and her husband Mat founded this firm after their cat was attacked by a coyote. They both had agricultural backgrounds and were planning to build a coffee plantation in Ecuador until Mr. Kitty was attacked, which disrupted their plans. Audrey confesses to giving him grain-free kibble at the time, believing it was a particularly healthy diet choice, but as soon as she received the vet bill following the attack, she began studying cat health and nutrition. When raw feeding came up in her search, she thought to herself, “Hmmm, if I don’t know about raw feeding, I’m sure a lot of other cat owners don’t either.” That spark inspired a more natural, intuitive cat diet back in 2014. They began offering Savage Cat Food to a limited market in California in 2015. As Savage Cat expanded, it established its own facilities in Southern California.

Company Philosophy

Savage Cat Food’s philosophy revolves around the belief that feeding your cat a raw prey-based diet can truly improve its health and lifespan.

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Why We Love Savage Raw Cat Food.

There are two different textures to pick from. They have one diet that is smooth and finely ground, and another that is coarsely ground and chunky. The smoother texture is available in tubs that are well-packaged and do not leak. We also like how they have check marks with ounces on the side to assist you give a more suitable quantity of food every meal. You can choose the smoother texture diet from the following options:

  • Chicken
  • Duck
  • Combination of rabbit and lamb.

The coarsely ground meal is delivered in a box with 3 oz portions. This is to assist decrease fridge time and thaw time. The meat in these prepared portions is chopped or diced to help your cats’ dental health. You can choose from the same fantastic flavors:

  • Chicken
  • Duck
  • Rabbit & lamb combo.

Savage Cat Food vs. Other Raw Food: 

  • Savage Cat Food includes real bones and marrow from animals, the nutrients of which cannot be recreated entirely with eggshells.
  • Savage Cat Food is not exposed to High-Pressure Processing, which can damage beneficial microbes and alter food flavor.
  • The company adds real muscle bits in their packages, such as chopped chicken breast, to promote chewing and gnawing.

Savage Cat Food vs. Canned Food.

  • Canned food maintains moisture but lacks certain digestive enzymes, bones, and organs that cats would naturally ingest in the wild.
  • Even “grain-free” canned foods may include useless and unwanted fillers, such as carrots, potatoes, avocados, and peas.
  • When a cat only consumes Savage Cat Food, you will notice much less waste and odor in the litter box, a softer, healthier coat, and improved dental health.

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