Practical life activities for a playschool kid at Classroom and at Home

As Maria Montessori points out that any self-sufficient child reflects in himself the joy and sense of achievement along with the image of human dignity that could be derived from a sense of independence. Success in life is right away correlated to the degree in which people have belief in their capabilities along with their idea of independence. And how can a child be taught to learn about being capable and independent from such a young age? The very purpose of Practical life activities in a playschool classroom and at home is to allow children to gain independence and self-discipline.

The practical life activities are not of an academic nature to be taught only at the top play schools in Hyderabad and then left at home to one’s interest. These practical life skills or activities can be practiced even at home alongside a play school under the guidance of a parent or an elderly person. Teaching a child some practical, self-help activities like pouring their own drink, washing and drying their own dishes, preparing their snacks, slicing their own apples or bread, cleaning their rooms, tying their shoelaces, and many more.

Usually, young children of this age are pampered at home by their parents and this will continue even as they become teenagers, thus leaving them without being self -sufficient and independent in taking care of themselves. Parents do all the self-service of a child at home which he can do for himself or herself, simply out of their love and care for their children. This can create a dichotomy in a child’s mindset about taking care of themselves. Visit any of the top play schools in Hyderabad for further details on how life activities are taught to a child so that they can even learn to do on their own at home.

Can Practical life activity be done at home and in a classroom?

Practical Life activities for a kid are the traditional works and activities of the family and home that can be entrusted to a child even in some of the best daycare centers in Hyderabad which can be broken down into four categories:

  1. Preliminary activities include carrying a tray, pouring water, spooning grains, walking on the line, etc.
  2. Caring for their environment at home like cleaning, sweeping, dusting, gardening, raking, polishing.
  3. Care of self in terms of dressing, toileting, brushing teeth, bathing, combing hair, preparing food, and setting the table.

  1. Being taught Grace and courtesy to a child such as using table manners, greeting others, saying “please” and “thank you”, learning to control one’s own body and knowing about formal body language.

When the best daycare centers in Hyderabad present these activities with enthusiasm and break them down into sequential steps to be practiced inside a classroom, a child will feel encouraged as he begins to practice them independently. We must remember that “Adults work to finish a task, but a child works in order to grow and is in the process to create the adult, the person that is to be.”